Wednesday, September 17, 2008

cherry republic.

is there anything more delicious than _______ (fill in the blank) AND cherries? i didn't think so. cherry republic has everything from candies to salsas and sodas to soaps... all made of the "deliciousest" fruit on earth- the humble cherry. might i recommend the sour cherry patches, they are divine.

check out their website at!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

del's lemonade.

frozen deliciousness unlike any other. other than barbecue chicken pizza from via~via IV, it's what i miss most about rhode island. not quite slurpee, not quite italian ice; del's is a frozen delight packed with bits of real lemon. that's right, peel, rind, seeds, even a sticker or two once in a while. with a spoon or a straw, it's delicious and refreshing. i used to catch the truck in newport. ahh, those were the days.